Monday, September 14, 2015

How Much Do You Know About Capsicum?

How Much Do You Know About Capsicum?

BIG NEWS: Chile Pepper Institute Coming to ZestFest 2016 
The Chile Pepper Institute is the only international, non-profit organization devoted to education and research related to Capsicum or chile peppers. Established in 1992, the Institute builds on the research of chile peppers since the famous horticulturalistFabian Garcia (the father of the U.S. chile pepper industry) began standardizing chile pepper varieties in 1888. The Institute is located on the New Mexico State University campus, Las Cruces, NM in Gerald Thomas Hall, Room 265 (575-646-3028). In the Institute visitors will discover chile research posters, chile pepper books, art, and hundreds of high-demand and hard-to-find chile pepper seed varieties. 

Chile pepper research is conducted at the Fabian Garcia Horticultural Center on the corner of University Avenue and Main Street, Las Cruces, NM. The Horticulture Center hosts a seasonal public teaching and touring garden showcasing 150 chile pepper varieties from around the world.

ZestFest is also VERY Happy to welcome back Cita's Salsa this coming January. Cita and daughter, "Momma" Lena, are Dallas natives with a passion to cook. For generations salsa has been the centerpiece of the family table and now they're sharing their favorites blended with love, the most powerful ingredient of all.