Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Healthy Eatin'

Here's what WebMD has to say on the subject:
Peppers -- hot or not -- may do more than round out your omelet, spice up your salsa, and make for a colorful stir-fry. They help you get some of your daily vitamins and contain compounds that may be linked to weight losspain reduction, and other benefits.
Peppers, by the way, are fruits, not vegetables. They have been popular for a long time, including with the ancient Aztecs. And now they're getting new attention from researchers eager to unlock their potential health benefits.
Here's what nutrition and health experts say about these tropical plants from the nightshade family.
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Monday, June 9, 2014

Dos Equis to Quench the Thirst of ZestFest Crowd … Now that’s a Perfect Fit!

Zest Fest 2015 Returns to The Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas, Jan.23-25 with the support of Dos Equis Beer 

Irving, Texas – Dos Equis is on board as a presenting sponsor for ZestFest 2015. Spicy Food Productions could not have a better sponsor for the Zest Fest event – what better partner could you have for a crowd sampling the zestiest spicy food ingredients and dishes in the world than the world class icy cold beers from Dos Equis.  ZestFest 2015 will have plenty of Dos Equis on hand to toast this event in the brand new Irving Convention Center on January 24-26. 2015.

 ZestFest is one of the largest events in the country that features the spiciest, zestiest salsas, rubs, and other tangy and flavorful products in the market. ZestFest 2015 guarantees a flavorful food weekend featuring cooking demos by celebrity chefs, live music, interactive contests and thousands of bold food samples all complimented by the refreshing, crisp flavor of Dos Equis. ZestFest will certainly be a delicious place to be and Dos Equis, one of the country's top selling imported beers, will be the perfect complement to the spicy flavorful menu that will be on hand for all attendees.

Dos Equis is “our shining star” in the U.S., John Nicolson, the head of the company’s Americas unit, said in an interview at Heineken’s headquarters in Amsterdam. Both Dos Equis Lager (a crisp, refreshing, light-bodied malt-flavored beer with a well-balanced finish made from pure spring water and the choicest hops) and Dos Equis Amber (a robust, classic Vienna-style lager with a full body with brawn from Germany, swagger from Mexico, and the finest North American pale and roasted malts) will be featured at ZestFest 2015.

Greg Bagarozy said “We are excited to have the most interesting beer at ZestFest this year. Dos Equis and ZestFest what a combination for Food Flavor and Fun, Mark the dates January 23 – 25 at the Irving Convention Center for the Hottest Show in Texas partnered with The Coolest Beer Dos Equis.”

Produced by Spicy Food Productions, ZestFest, has historically drawn tens of thousands of attendees and is an event that people look forward to every year. For more information on ZestFest, visit  Also link up with our Big Flavor Zesty facebook page.